Don’t make ordering from your food truck suck

Waiting sucks. That’s why we love the convenience and speed of online shopping—in fact we’ve come to expect it from the places we shop. So rather than forcing your customers to choose between waiting on the phone or standing in line to order from you, let them place orders online.

Why offer online ordering


Convenient ordering process

In today’s busy environment, waiting in long lines, calling, or texting in orders doesn’t cut it. Ordering habits and expectations have changed. People want convenience. They want to view a digital menu, make an order (large or small) and pay, without feeling rushed.

Stay ahead of the competition

As the consumer demand for faster and more convenient ways to order food increases, food truck operators that want to grow their businesses and stay ahead of the competition are investing in technology that enables them to provide these options.

Make more money

Online orders tend to be 20% larger on average than in-person or phone orders because customers are more likely to explore all the menu options when there’s no pressure to wrap up their order, so they end up spending more than they would otherwise.

Case Study

Does it work? (well yeah…)

Burgertology's website traffic report from Google Search Console
Landing page for Burgertology food truck


As a new food truck in a competitive area, Burgertology uses a Digital Mavens ecommerce website to boost their online visibility, search engine rankings, and to give theit customers a simple, frictionless online ordering experience.


Within the first 30 days, they saw that users were staying on the website 3 minutes longer on average. That was a 3x increase from the original 56 seconds per user, per visit.


In the first 45 days, they saw an increase in direct search traffic, website engagement, and reviews, which resulted in a 15 spot bump locally on Google for the search term “places to eat near me” (22,000 searches per month locally)

Let’s get started

The ecommerce website solution for food trucks


A fast, intuitive, ecommerce websites for food trucks to simplify the way your customers find and purchase your products—helping you convert more website visitors, and drive better business growth.

Web Hosting for 1 Year

Domain Registered for 1 Year

Full ecommerce functionality

Responsive Design

Up to 2 pages

Integrations – SSL, Email capture, Tracking (GA, GTM, GSC)

Optimized for speed

Customized to fit your brand

High-converting design

* If you would like to inquire about website maintenance, email us at

What happens when you purchase?

Once you’ve made your purchased, you’ll fill out the new client questionnaire and book your welcome call. After the call we’ll begin building a prototype of your website for your review. Once we get the 👍,  we’ll build out your website. The entire process takes less than 2 weeks.

You’re leaving money on the table with those other guys.

Stop relying on social media platforms and third-party apps to run your food truck. They limit your ability to connect with your customers.

Our websites help you own that relationship, and control how people find you, interact with your food truck, and buy what you sell.

A little about us

We’re the food truck website pros

Most food truck operators don’t see the value of having a 24/7, always-on, e-commerce website for their businesses. And this limits their ability to build a brand that helps them stand out in a crowded market, generate new customers, or easily convert website traffic into sales.

We build e-commerce websites for your potential customers, that makes learning about who you are, what products you sell, and how to buy those products a frictionless, and pleasant experience.


Why choose WordPress and WooCommerce to build websites with?

A few reasons: fully customizable, mobile responsiveness out of the box, reliable, and easy to edit for you (drag and drop).

How long does the design process take?

We'll start designing your website as soon as we receive your digital assets, (photographs, graphics, and logos) so you should expect to see a mock-up for review 3 days from then.

How soon will my website be live?

Once we have an approved design, your website will be live in 2 weeks.

Is website hosting included?

Yes. We’re proud to offer hosting at a discount through our preferred provider Hostinger.

How do I get a domain name?

We can handle that too. Typically, we purchase domain names through the hosting provider.